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Agriculture and Rural Development - News

Latest News

  • Good Farming Practice Awards 2012
    W J & J Green of Corskie Farm, Garmouth in Moray is the winner of the Aberdeenshire Council-sponsored Good Farming Practice Award for 2012.

  • Good Farming Practice Awards 2011
    Ewan Benzie and son of Garnieston, Turriff has been announced as the winner of the Aberdeenshire Council-sponsored Good Farming Practice Award for 2011.

  • Study into Feasibility of a Central Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant
    A detailed study on behalf of Huntly-based Scottish Pig Producers (SPP) into the feasibility of a central anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Aberdeenshire has been released. After due consideration, SPP decided not to proceed with their own biogas project but recommended publication of the report for the benefit of other potentially interested parties.

  • Public Sector Procurement Opportunities
    A new guide offering small and medium sized enterprises advice on how to bid for public sector catering contracts has been launched.

  • Good Farming Practice Awards 2009
    Deputy Provost Marcus Humphrey presented the Rhind family of Woodside Farm, Kinloss, Moray with the Good Farming Practice Award for 2009. A

  • Aberdeenshire Council: Local Food Procurement
    The North East of Scotland is renowned internationally for the quality of its local food and drink sector. Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen City Council, through their shared Central Procurement Unit, are committed to sourcing food supplies from local producers, processors and manufacturers.

  • Plant Protection Products (PPP) Lobbying
    NESAAG has been very active in lobbying MEPs and European Commissioners (for Environment, Health and Agriculture) to adopt a science-based approach to the new PPP Regulation, backed up by a full impact assessment of the proposed changes.

  • Agriculture in Aberdeenshire - Looking to the Future
    A stimulating new report has set out the challenges, opportunities and risks to the farming industry in Aberdeenshire to assist in the sustainable development of local rural and land-based industries.