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Household Batteries


How to Recycle Household Batteries

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Household batteries are collected as part of the fortnightly kerbside recycling collection on urban routes.

Batteries Please place your batteries in the Pink Battery Recycling Bags and place in your Recycling Box for collection, or leave it on top of either your recycling or waste bin lid for collection if you have started the new service.

Please do not place batteries loose in the box as this makes them very difficult for crews to sort from other materials and pick up while wearing safety gloves.


You can recycle most types of household battery, including :  AA, AAA, Size C and D, Button, Square, Mobile Phone or Laptop. 


When to Recycle Household Batteries

If you live in area which has started the new service you can place your Pink Battery Recycling Bags on top of either you waste or recycling bin lid - therefore the opportunity exists to recycle Household Batteries weekly.

Collections take place every second week if you stay in an Urban Community as part of your normal FORTNIGHTLY recycling collection.

If you stay in a Rural Community receiving only a four-weekly paper recycling collection, please take your household batteries for recycling to a Household Waste and Recycling Centre with battery collection facilities.