Bin replacements

We are replacing waste and recycling bins in the Marr and Kincardine and Mearns areas. The current waste and recycling bins use a diamond lift system. These will be replaced by new bins using a comb lift mechanism. 

This is separate from our planned change to 3-weekly bin collections

The first image below illustrates the diamond lift bins. The second image illustrates the new comb lift bins.

Diamond lift recycling binsComb lift recycling bins

When this will happen

We will send you a letter confirming the date your bins will be exchanged, and explaining the process. The replacement of your bins will be arranged to match your existing collection days to minimise disruption. 

Please note there has been an issue with the bin descriptions in the first batch of letters. The description should read blue lidded recycling bin, then grey lidded waste bin. The dates given in the letter are correct.

Bins will be replaced in:

  • Marr from 29th August 2022 until end of November 2022
  • Kincardine and Mearns from 21st November 2022 until beginning of March 2023

There will be a break for Christmas from 19th December 2022 until 10th January 2023.

What you need to do

Please present your bins for emptying, removal and exchange on the date confirmed in your letter.

After these dates our vehicles will no longer collect the old style of bin in your area.

If you receive an assisted collection service we will take care of everything for you. We will take your bin out for you as normal, and return the new bin to your normal bin storage area once it is delivered.

If you are away on the date your bins are being replaced please request assistance from a neighbour to ensure your diamond bins are presented for removal. Alternatively, please place your bins out before leaving.

How we are replacing your bins

A separate crew will be delivering the new bins to those that will be collecting the old bins.

How long your bins will be out for

We aim to empty, remove and replace your old bin on the same day however the uplift of your old bin may take up to 48 hours after it is emptied. Please leave your old bin out until it is collected.

Your new bins may be delivered before your old bins are emptied and removed, as these are processed by different teams.

When you can start using your new bins

You can start to use your new bins immediately and present them for collection on your next collection date. There are no changes to your existing collection schedule. 

Why your bins are being replaced

We have several reasons for replacing your bins:

  • The waste bins are now 15 years old which is the guaranteed lifespan of a wheeled bin
  • They are not commonly used elsewhere in the UK and sourcing replacement bins can be difficult - we are the only local authority in Scotland to still be using diamond lift bins
  • The replacement comb lift bins are an industry standard in the UK
  • The diamond lift bins are more expensive - almost twice the price of the comb lift bins
  • They are not compatible with the majority of waste collection vehicles
  • The change will mean that all collection vehicles will be compatible to empty any bin anywhere in Aberdeenshire, allowing for efficiencies in vehicle usage and routing

Who will be emptying, removing and replacing the bins

The council's waste collection crews will empty the bins on your normal collection day. 

The removal and replacement of the bins will be carried out by the council's contractor, Jett Distribution. Jett Distribution staff will be directly supported by the council staff throughout the removal and replacement process.

What will happen to the old bins

The old bins will be broken down. The wheels and axles will be reused on other bins, and the main plastic body of the bin will be ground down and used in the manufacture of new wheeled bins. 

Are the bins being replaced with the same size

Your replacement bin will be the same size as your current bin. The current standard bins have a capacity of 240 litres, the same as the new standard bins.

If you have a smaller bin we will replace it with a new model of the same size.

If you have more than one recycling bin

All your bins will be replaced as long as they are placed at your collection point. 

If you don't recycle and don't want a new recycling bin

The council will be changing to a new waste and recycling collection service from Spring 2023 which will change the frequency of collections for your waste and recycling.

We will be adding a new recycling bin to split the recycling into 2 streams to improve the quantity and quality of recycling collected and encourage all householders to recycle as much as they can and decrease how much waste is sent for disposal to landfill.

All households will receive a new blue lidded recycling bin to ensure that they have all bins required for the start of the new collection service. 


If you have any other queries about this process please contact us