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Black Recycling Box and Battery Bags

recycling boxBelow is a list of items you can put in your Black Recycling Box on fortnightly Urban Community collection routes. For more information on each item, simply click the relevant picture or title.

Please also note:


As we will be rolling out a new wheeled bin recycling service from November 2014, we are not ordering new stocks of black boxes. If you need a new recycling box, you will be given a blue box instead. The instructions for paper recycling will be covered by a sticker and it can be used for the same range of materials as the black ones.

Yes, please (recycle these in your box):

Food & drinks cans:

cansFor example, soup, baked beans, soft drinks, beer and cider cans. Please completely empty and wash out cans before recycling. You can also put aerosol cans in, but please make sure they are emptied first. There is no need to remove labels.



Aluminium foil & trays:

foil_trayFor example, baking foil, food trays from pies or ready meals. Please ensure they are clean and cleared of any food residue that might cause contamination. Silver coated plastic (such as crisp packets) are often mistaken for aluminium foil. Please ensure that only aluminium foil is put for recycling. You’ll know if it is foil because when you squash it in your hand it stays squashed.


Glass bottles & jars:

Glass bottles and jarsFor example, jam, cooking sauce and baby food jars; wine, beer and soft drinks bottles. Please empty and wash out before recycling. There is no need to remove labels. You may also leave metal lids and caps on if secure.




Plastic bottles:

Plastic bottlesFor example, soft drink, detergent and shampoo bottles. Please empty and wash out before recycling. There is no need to remove labels. Please also squash before recycling. This saves you space in your Recycling Box and it saves vehicle journeys on collections, thus reducing carbon emissions.



Household batteries:

batteriesPlease recycle these using the pink plastic bags provided. When you have filled a bag, just seal it and drop it in your black Recycling Box.




No, thank you (items to avoid):

Please DO NOT put any of the following items in your Black Kerbside Recycling Box:

  • Plastic bags. Please put your materials loose inside your Recycling Box. Putting them in plastic bags inside the box makes sorting difficult and hazardous to crews. It can also create a litter problem if the bags blow away.
  • Any type of plastic that is NOT a bottle. For example - yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and plastic bags. The types of plastic vary and the processes used to make plastic bottles into other products are not able to work with these other containers or types of plastic.
  • Unopened or part filled cans, bottles or jars. Please empty and wash containers before recycling. Any contents still in containers may harm the recycling process and can spill out, causing pollution and danger to pets, wildlife and people.
  • Any glass that is NOT a bottle or jar. For example - drinking glasses, cookware, window glass or spectacles. These cannot be recycled through the same processes as the glass used in bottles and jars.
  • Broken glass bottles or jars. Your kerbside recycling is sorted into the collection vehicle by hand. Broken glass is dangerous. To prevent injuries, please only recycle broken bottles and jars at a Recycling Point or Centre.
  • Car or other vehicle batteries. Household batteries only in your kerbside collection. Please use the pink battery collection bags and put the bag in your Recycling Box.

Any unsuitable materials will be returned in your Recycling Box. Our crews and vehicles are unable to take these materials away with them. Vehicles have compartments for ONLY the correct materials and no spare capacity to take away other items. top of page


Using Your Recycling Box

Attach cover to recycling boxPlease fasten the provided net or plastic cover to your Recycling Box to prevent loss.




Pull cover over recycling boxOn collection day, stretch the net or plastic cover over the Recycling Box to prevent items blowing way.




Waste and RecyclingYou can put your Blue Paper Recycling Box and Black Recycling Box out side by side or put the blue box on top of the black box. Pull the box covers over both containers for extra wind-proofing and weather protection.top of page