Bin collections

Communal bins

In some areas in Aberdeenshire we provide communal bins to dispose of your waste and recycling rather than individual bins. If you live in a council flats or a communal dwelling it is likely that you will have communal bins shared with other residents.

Communal bins can be used to deposit exactly the same materials as individual bins. You will have one big black refuse bin and one big blue bin for mixed recycling. You will have your individual green food caddy that you take out to the communal area for pick up. In some areas we also provide shared big bin for recycling glass.

Shared bins sit permanently in their designated area. This means you don't have to worry about putting your own bin out for collection or bringing it back in again. Just put your rubbish in the appropriate big bin when it is convenient to you.

We make sure that there are enough communal bins to accommodate all the waste that residents put out, and that you don't have to carry waste too far from your own door.

If the communal bins are full please use the next available bin and don't leave waste beside the bins as we won't collect it.