Recycling centre changes

To maximise reuse and recycling at recycling centres, we are:

  • increasing the number of materials that can be recycled
  • increasing the number of staff to help you recycle as much as possible
  • providing more opportunities for reuse

To make this all possible we are diverting business waste to waste transfer stations, stopping collection of tyres and asbestos, improving the layout at recycling centres and closing the smallest recycling centres (Gardenstown, Hatton and Whitehills) which don't have space for all the materials.

Also, more consistent opening hours at recycling centres and at times convenient to households are introduced.

Recycling centre caps on commercial type vehicles and trailers

In 2021 we introduced limits for vans, minibuses and trailers to prevent businesses from using recycling centres and to create space for more recyclable materials.

Business waste drop off service

From 2020 businesses have the option of taking their waste and recycling to business waste transfer stations.