Family learning with CLD

Family learning encourages family members to learn together.

Family learning takes place in everyday situations and is delivered according to need. We focus on supporting your child’s learning and can also support your learning as an adult.

Learning with us can take place in community spaces or online. You will be able to learn in a small group or on a one-to-one basis with a tutor.

We help parents to support their family’s learning in the following ways:

  • Reading, writing, numbers, money
  • Learning skills for family health and wellbeing
  • Building life and social skills, such as teamwork, resilience and confidence building
  • Creating positive relationships within the family and with the school
  • Feeling more connected with your community
  • Learning that can lead to other adult learning and training

For many adults a family learning programme can be the first step to taking up further learning and training opportunities, gaining a job, or developing new skills. 

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