Learning at home

Your home is a great place to support learning. It is where your child comes back to rest and play. Your child can try out new activities and practice familiar learning at home and in their wider community. Learning at home can happen through a range of everyday activities which can be fun and informative. You can support your child’s learning throughout their life. The support they will need will be different at different ages.

There is a difference between home learning and home education. Home learning involves everything within your home that impacts on your child's development and learning. Home education instead is about removing your child from school and teaching at home.

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Family learning

Family learning is about family members learning together, and may include reading, writing, numbers, money and health and wellbeing.  Learning together as a family is a good way to support your child’s learning in a fun, informal way. For some adults family learning can be the first step to taking up further learning and training opportunities, gaining a job or developing new skills.

Good family learning recognises:

  • the importance of the parent in their child’s learning
  • that learning happens at home, at school and in your community
  • that there are different ways to learn and that we all learn at a different pace
  • that we can learn from one another
  • it can support learning that takes place in school
  • it makes a positive difference to the child’s learning if everyone works together

There are many services and partners who can support family learning such as: