Ready Aberdeenshire

These pages provide advice and information on how to prepare for and deal with severe weather and other emergencies. Whether you are an individual, community or a business, preparing for an emergency increases your resilience, helps you to cope better and recover more quickly should an adverse event occur.  

Ready individuals

How you and your household can plan and prepare for emergencies.

Ready communities

How communities can plan and prepare for emergencies.

Ready businesses

How to plan for business continuity in an emergency.

The main role of Aberdeenshire Council in an emergency is to respond effectively to any major incident and recover from it as quickly as possible. The council has an emergency plan that is designed to co-ordinate our response to any incident. This is done through the Grampian Local Resilience Partnership, and in conjunction with our partners such as:

  • Emergency services
  • Neighbouring councils
  • Health and Social Care Partnerships
  • NHS Grampian
  • SEPA

Our emergency plan provides a response for all emergencies however, where appropriate, additional plans exist to deal with specific hazards.

We also believe that where individuals are informed about the risks they may face, they can be better prepared. View information about risks we all face:


For further advice and guidance on resilience and business continuity please email