Disability banding reduction

Where your property contains certain facilities to meet the needs of a disabled person then you may qualify for a reduction in your Council Tax.

Where certain conditions are met, Council Tax is charged as if the property had been placed in one band below that at which the property is currently valued. If the property is in band D and qualifies for a reduction then the householder will be charged Council Tax at band C rate. Band A properties may also qualify for this reduction.


The disabled person must live in the property at which the reduction is requested and be substantially and permanently disabled by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise (a GP or doctor is required to confirm this is the case).

The property must be the disabled persons sole or main residence and must contain either:

  • a room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory and which is mainly used for providing therapy or other such needs
  • a second bathroom or kitchen within the property which is required solely to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • the provision of sufficient floor space to permit you to use a wheelchair within the property (to qualify a wheelchair must be actively used within the property by the disabled person)

These features must be essential or of major importance to the well being of the disabled person.

How to apply

To apply for this reduction, please complete the application for disability banding reduction form (PDF 95KB)

View Council Tax privacy notice (PDF 152KB).