Energy efficiency: council homes

We are doing energy efficiency improvements as part of our improvement works plan. Examples of these improvements include:

  • installing cavity wall insulation
  • installing internal and external wall insulation
  • improving loft insulation up to 300mm deep
  • using highly efficient ‘A’ rated gas central heating boilers
  • installing highly efficient ‘A’ rated windows
  • installing renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic roof panels for generating electricity
  • installing external battery storage units to store the energy generated by the solar photovoltaic roof panels

Not all of these are suitable for all properties.

Understanding technology in your home

As part of the improvement works we may have done upgrades to your home, or installed energy efficiency equipment or technology.

At first, new technology and equipment can be difficult to understand and use. Find out how to identify these installations, how they work, and how to use them to get the most benefit:

Social Housing Net Zero Standard (SHNZS)

The Scottish Government is introducing the Social Housing Net Zero Standard (SHNZS), to replace the previous Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH and EESSH2).

The SHZNS will be more in line with the Government’s net zero targets and is likely to be launched sometime in 2025.

We will continue to decide on the right energy efficiency measures for each of our homes based on the principle of the ‘energy efficiency hierarchy’. This means:

  • cavity, internal or external wall insulation to reduce the need for energy
  • new energy efficient heating systems to use energy more efficiency
  • fitting renewable technologies to generate renewable energy to be used in your home, for example Photovoltaic Solar Panels

So, the SHNZS should help make your home warmer and make heating your home more affordable. More information is available on the Scottish Government website.