Your housing rent

New tenants

If you're a new tenant, we let you know how much rent to pay at your pre-tenancy interview, before you sign your tenancy agreement.

Existing tenants

We tell existing tenants of any rent increase annually, at least 28 days before the increase comes into effect in April of the same year.

Improvements to your property

Your rent may be affected if we carry out improvements to your home during your tenancy. We'll let you know before any improvement work is carried out if it'll affect your rent. You'll always get at least 28 days warning of any rent increase.

Other charges

You may need to pay for other services at the same time as you pay your rent. These other services fall into two categories those:

  • provided as part of your tenancy, such as communal area or stair cleaning, or heating costs in sheltered accommodation
  • that you aren't obliged to have, but have chosen to pay for

What your rent covers

The rent you pay covers the cost of:

When your rent is due

Your rent is due to be paid on a weekly basis, each Monday. But you can arrange to pay:

  • weekly
  • fortnightly
  • four weekly
  • monthly

Paying your rent regularly and on time is a condition of your tenancy agreement.

Check rent details online

You can check your rent details (view your balance, current charges and full statement) via Housing Online.