Report housing repairs

Emergency housing repairs

If the issue poses a threat to someone's safety or could cause significant damage to your building, this is treated as an emergency. Emergency repairs should be reported by phoning 03456 08 12 03.

When you report an emergency repair we will advise you of when you can expect a response, and whether or not you are likely to be charged for the work.

You should make sure that a responsible person is present when the emergency service responds.

Emergency repairs are restricted to making your property safe or carrying out a temporary repair. If further work is needed, your local Housing office will contact you to make arrangements for a follow-on appointment.

View advice about what to do if you have frozen or burst water pipe.

Useful emergency contact phone numbers

Emergency Council house repairs 03456 08 12 03
Police, Ambulance and Fire 999
Gas leaks and emergencies 0800 111 999
Electricity loss and emergencies 0800 300 999
Water and waste water services 0845 600 8855