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Homeowners - advice and support

Scheme of assistance

We have produced a scheme of assistance for private homeowners and tenants of private sector landlords. Section 72 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 requires all local authorities to produce a scheme of assistance for private homeowners and tenants. It sets out the circumstances in which we will provide information, advice, and practical support and, in some circumstances, financial assistance to private homeowners to help them repair, maintain, improve or adapt their homes.

For more information please contact our private housing team on 01467 534753

Repairs and maintenance leaflets

Our repairs and maintenance leaflets contain information to help homeowners carry out repairs and maintenance to your homes:

Common Repairs in Flats

Under One Roof provides impartial advice on repairs and maintenance for flat owners in Scotland. It provides information and advice on owners rights and responsibilities, and how to maintain and manage a building.  

Aberdeenshire Care and Repair

Aberdeenshire Care and Repair provide a free service offering information, advice and help with repairs, improvements and adaptations to Aberdeenshire owner occupiers and tenants of private landlords who are over 60 and/or have a disability. 

Disabled adaptations

Guides for private tenants and homeowners about funding adaptations to the home are on the Scottish Government's website. The guides detail the help available to fund changes to your home to make it easier to get around:

Funding adaptations to the home - A guide for private tenants
Funding Adaptations to the home - A guide for homeowners

Equity Loans policy

The Equity Loans policy provides equity loans to eligible homeowners who don't have debt secured against their home and aren't able to access funds, or can't afford to repay commercial finance, to pay for repairs, maintenance or adaptations to their homes. 

Below Tolerable Standard policy

The Below Tolerable Standard policy aims to reduce the number of houses that are below tolerable standard and prevent more from falling below this standard. 

Housing Renewal Area policy

The Housing Renewal Area policy aims to reduce the number of houses that are sub-standard and prevent more from becoming sub-standard. 

Are you at risk of losing your home?

If you own your home and are in danger of having it repossessed due to financial difficulties the Scottish Government may be able to help.

The Scottish Government runs two schemes to help owners who are experiencing difficulty in paying and loans secured against their property - the Mortgage to Rent scheme and the Mortgage to Shared Equity scheme. Their information leaflet Are you in danger of losing your home? contains more details about these schemes. 

For more information, or if you have any questions, please call us on 01467 534753 or email