Doing alterations or improvements to your property

You may carry out work to improve the property.

You can carry out alterations and improvements such as installing:

  • an alarm system
  • central heating
  • a dishwasher
  • a new kitchen
  • a shower, or
  • a replacement bathroom

Providing you get our permission and the work is carried out safely and professionally. We will not refuse permission unreasonably. We will also consider requests to carry out other alterations or improvements.

Before starting any work you need to get our written permission. To do that, please contact your local housing officeThe work needs to comply with current Building and Planning regulations and be finished to an acceptable and safe standard approved by us. You should keep receipts and invoices for any work carried out.

If you require an adaptation to your home or specialist equipment due to a disability or medical circumstances a Housing Officer or Occupational Therapist can assess your needs. Further information is available from housing support or from your local housing office.

You will not be charged extra rent for the improvements you make to the property.

If you leave the property you may be able to claim compensation for approved work that you have carried out. You need to apply in writing to your local housing office for compensation 28 days prior to the end of your tenancy, or within 21 days of your tenancy ending.

We may have to reinstate unauthorised alterations when a tenancy ends and we may charge you the cost of this remedial work.