What you can do with the property

Make the property your home and live in it as long as you wish.

The property is let as a domestic residence and you should occupy it as your home. You are free to furnish and decorate it to your own taste. If you leave the property, we may ask you to redecorate if the decor is outlandish.

You should:

  • keep the property clean
  • take care to prevent any damage to the property and keep it clean
  • not allow it to become overcrowded, unless your family increases naturally
  • heat and ventilate the house adequately. If your property is more than two storeys high you cannot heat it using any type of liquid petroleum gas such as calor gas
  • ask for our permission to store paraffin or other inflammable or dangerous substances in your home
  • keep to our arrangements for refuse collection and recycling and put your bin out for collection on the appropriate day and return it for storage as soon as possible after collection
  • not leave rubbish in unauthorised places

You may be able to run a business from the property.

You cannot use the property for any illegal activity such as dealing in drugs, running a brothel, dealing in stolen goods or illegal gambling. You may be evicted from the property if you are convicted for crimes that are specifically prohibited.