What is tenant participation

Tenant participation is a two-way process involving our tenants working in partnership with us to share ideas, information and have input to decisions to improve services.

Tenant participation gives you an opportunity to:

  • get involved in the development and monitoring of housing services
  • be involved in the decision-making process
  • be able to influence decisions made by us about our housing and related services

The Tenant Participation Team have been meeting tenants in their communities, and based on tenant feedback will continue a hybrid method of engagement by continuing to use digital means to stay in contact with tenant volunteers. We are conscious that some tenants either do not have access to online computer facilities or are not comfortable communicating using IT and we are ensuring we keep contact with them by offering a variety of ways to participate.

Why you should get involved

You should get involved in tenant participation if you want to:

  • work with us to make changes
  • have a say on issues affecting your home
  • support other tenants or residents
  • pursue issues of interest, such as addressing anti-social behaviour or environmental improvements

How you can get involved

There are different ways you can get involved with tenant participation: