24 June 2022

'Pick Up My Period' app to help you access free period products

With funding from the Scottish Government, Aberdeenshire Council now provides access to free period products, including re-usable alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. General feedback has been positive, especially as many families may be struggling with the rising cost of living. 

An app has been created to help make it easier for you to access the free products in your local areas. Just search 'pick up my period' in the app store on your Apple or Android device and the app will provide you with an interactive map of all locations products are available from. The app is also signposted via the MyAberdeenshire app.

Among the locations you'll find all Live Life Aberdeenshire swimming pools and libraries stock free items. They should be freely available within ladies/disabled toilets.

Please pick up items while you are out and about if you can. Alternatively, to order online (or if you would like to order re-usable pads), visit:

This important work relates to the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) 2021 Act, which states that everyone in Scotland who menstruates should have reasonably convenient access to period products, free of charge, as and when they are required. This includes visitors to Scotland for the duration of their stay.

If you have a query about free period product provision, email