10 May 2022

Uplifting concert for Ukraine raises thousands of pounds

An uplifting and emotional concert held in Fraserburgh raised thousands of pounds to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The concert raised £4221.30 so far. It was thought of by the conductor of Aberdeen City Orchestra, Gareth John. He directed the performance which took place on Saturday, May 7, at Fraserburgh South Church. It also featured soprano soloist Amy Strachan.

The orchestra that performed included members of Aberdeenshire Instrumental Music Service. Violinist and member of the service Nataliia Naismith was moved by the generosity and support shown by people in Aberdeenshire and across Scotland. She said: “Words can’t express my gratitude. Any amount of money raised is fantastic, but the total collected exceeds my wildest expectations. This concert and all fundraising activity give the Ukrainian people hope and comfort they are not alone. People in Scotland have shown such generosity. I can’t thank them enough.”

Pupils from nearby St Andrews School were amongst those who made a donation to support Ukrainians affected by the war.

Nataliia Naismith’s mother lives in a town not far from the capital Kyiv. She also has relations in the Ukrainian fire service and territorial defence. She also has some friends who are living in Ukraine currently whilst other friends of hers have had to flee taking their young children with them.

She said the concert had given something back through the performances to those who had donated. Some of the audience had not attended a classical music concert before but had enjoyed the experience so much they told Nataliia they would love to go to another concert.

Nataliia would like to thank her follow musicians, and everyone involved in arranging the concert. She is grateful for the kind and generous support shown by Fraserburgh South Church, Links Restaurant at the Leisure Centre, Bicocchis, and Maitland’s Furniture & Homestore, Shop “Close to Home”, R&S Dyga’s Newsagent, Peartree Coffee House & Bistro, and the Sea Cadets.

If you would like to show your support please donate to the National Bank of Ukraine’s Humanitarian Appeal by visiting and the Ukrainian Army by visiting

More information about ways you can offer assistance to Ukraine is available on the Aberdeenshire Council website:   

You can also watch a performance of the Ukrainian national anthem available on the Aberdeenshire Council YouTube channel: