Building work completion

Once building work is complete you need to notify us so that we can perform a final inspection and issue you with your completion certificate. Find out more about the completion process:

Apply for a completion certificate 

Once building work is complete you can apply for a completion certificate online using the ebuilding standards portal or in paper by completing Form 5 - Completion certificate - submission and sending it to our correspondence address

Final inspection

Your case surveyor will check your application and any other additional information required, then contact you to arrange the completion inspection.

This inspection is to check that the completed work complies with the building regulations and matches the approved plans and specifications. We may also raise issues with the documents that support your submission.

Completion certificate


Once the final inspection has been conducted and everything is correct, we will issue an acceptance of your completion certificate. 

Keep your completion certificate for your records as it will be required if you sell the property.

If, during the final inspection, we identify any issues that require changes, we will send you a letter detailing what needs to be done. 


If any major changes have occurred, we will issue a completion rejection letter and you will be required to submit an amendment to building warrant application. You can do this online via the ebuilding standards portal or in paper by completing Form B - Application for amendment to a building warrant and sending it to our correspondence address 

We will carry out a new inspection when the application is approved and any remedial works completed. We will then issue a completion certificate if the work is satisfactory.

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