Developer obligations funding application form

How to apply

Please complete this form if you wish to apply for developer obligation funding. Projects such as the building of a new community or sports centre or the enhancement of existing centres may be eligible for funding. Community representatives structures, community groups, community trusts, community sports trusts and charities are able to apply for funding. The available funds for each area of Aberdeenshire vary, so it is recommended you check how much funds are available in your area before you apply. 

Apply for developer obligation funds

Next steps

Requests for funds will be assessed by the principal developer obligations officer and area manager to ensure the proposed use of funds:

  • meet the terms and conditions of the legislation regulating developer obligations
  • is in line with the original agreement under which they were secured

If your application for funding is successful a letter of award will be sent to you. If your application is unsuccessful a letter explaining the reasons why the project could not be supported will be sent to you.

Projects that will not be supported 

Projects such as maintenance, ongoing running costs, wages and rent will not be supported.

Contact us

For further information on Developer Obligations or help completing the funding form please get in touch with us at or on 01467 536928.