Modified Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2020 - Adoption

We are currently at stage 4 of the Local Development Plan 2022.

The Examination of the Proposed LDP 2020 has concluded, and the council has agreed on the plan we propose to adopt. This is being considered by Scottish Ministers. We anticipate that we will adopt the plan in late October 2022 after the actions we are taking in response to the Reporter's report on the examination into the Proposed Local Development Plan have been endorsed by Scottish Ministers. Until this time, the modified plan that the council proposes to adopt will be a significant material consideration in appraising planning applications.

Modified Proposed Plan

Key information relating to the Modified Proposed Plan 2020:

Modified Proposed Plan 2020 that the council proposes to adopt:

The Modified Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) 2020 is supported by the following documents:

Examination 2021

View the Proposed Local Development Plan 2020 (unmodified) and key information related to its examination:

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