Public access - planning and building register

You can view and check progress on planning and building applications in the public access register. You can search the register, follow updates and progress, view documents and drawings relating to applications for the following:

For assistance in using the public access system, you may refer to these frequently asked question (PDF 100KB).

Planning applications

Use the public access register for the quickest way to view and follow the progress of planning applications. The portal allows you to:

Read the planning and enforcement user guide (PDF 1.7MB) for more information on how to register for email updates, search or track an application and how to make a comment using the public access register.

View planning applications

You can also find out about applications through:

  • Neighbour notification - if you live within 20m of an application boundary you will receive a notification from the planning service advising you that an application has been received and is available for comment
  • Local newspapers - certain types of applications require an advertisement in the newspaper local to the development site
  • Site notices – certain types of applications require a site notice to be displayed on the property or site

We also publish weekly lists of planning applications and notifications for each area which have been registered with us.

Planning enforcement notices

You can view planning enforcement notices served since 2010.

View planning enforcement notices

You can also see notices served prior to 1st January 2011 (PDF 35KB)

Building warrant applications  

Find building warrant applications and current notices from the Building Standards register.

Read the building standards user guide (PDF 1.4MB) for more information on how to search or track an application and how to make a comment using the public access register.

View building warrant applications

View building warrant notices