Stillbirth registration

If a child is stillborn in Scotland, the stillbirth must be registered within 21 days. Parent(s) have the freedom to register the stillbirth at any Registration office in Scotland.

Please note, due to change in legislation, death registration can be done remotely via telephone call and face to face appointments are no longer required. 

If the parents of the child are married to each other, either parent can register the stillbirth, however, if they are not married to each other ideally they should attend the office together.

The Certificate of Stillbirth (Form 6) issued by the hospital should be taken to the Registrar. If available, please also take the marriage certificate of the child's parents (if married to each other) and the birth certificate(s) of the child's parent(s)

A stillbirth certificate can be requested by the parent if required. This is issued free of charge if applied for within one month.

For further advice or to make an appointment contact any of our registration offices.

View registration of life event privacy notice.