Parking using your mobile phone

We offer a range of payments options for parking charges. You can pay at machines using coins or card payment. You can also pay using your mobile phone.

In Aberdeenshire you can get a parking session using RingGo or PayByPhone through your mobile phone.

When you park you can contact RingGo or PayByPhone to validate your parking using their:

  • Mobile app
  • Phone number
  • SMS
  • Website 

RingGo and PayByPhone use the same location code at each site.

Details of all location codes are displayed in our car parks. Smartphones will automatically pick up your location using GPS if enabled. Alternatively you can search on the RingGo location map or find a PayByPhone location

View the car parks privacy notices.

How to register

We recommend registering with RingGo or PayByPhone in advance, as this allows you to enter and save the majority of information required to pay for your parking. Once at the car park you can then simply enter your location code and pay. 

You can create an account using the RingGo or PayByPhone smartphone apps, which you can download for free from your app store, or via and RingGo's registration page and PayByPhone's registration page.

Alternatively you can register by calling RingGo on 0345 559 5959 or PayByPhone on 0330 400 7275.

Extending your parking session

You can remotely top up your parking fee simply by contacting PayByPhone or RingGo. The system will recognise you as having a current parking session and will ask you:

  • How long you want to extend your stay
  • Your payment card’s three digit security code 

How much the service costs

Providers of this service charge a convenience fee for each transaction made. In Aberdeenshire we have reduced the parking tariff for our cashless parking customers, so there is no additional cost to using this payment method. This may mean that the parking tariff displayed on the app for your location is less than the sign boards indicate, however, once the convenience fee has been added on by the provider, the overall price you pay will be the same.  

Both operators offer paid text reminders when your parking is coming to an end, as well as text receipts. You can opt in to this service in your RingGo or PayByPhone account. As these are optional, if you opt in for them, the cost is additional to the parking tariff.

Calls to either operator are charged at the standard rate agreed with your mobile phone operator. If you have a "bundle of minutes" as part of your phone contract your call will usually be included within this. 

If you use the "text to park" option you will pay for outgoing text messages at your agreed operator rate. 

VAT receipts

Both PayByPhone and RingGo can provide a VAT receipt if required.

PayByPhone's VAT receipts page lets you know how you can receive these receipts.

RingGo allow you to download any receipt for a parking session via their app or website, full instructions are available on RingGo's VAT receipt page