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Scotland-wide free bus scheme (National Entitlement Card)

The Scotland-wide free bus travel scheme for older and disabled people is open to holders of a free National Entitlement Card (NEC). 


If you are over 60 or have a disability, you could be eligible for free bus travel to get around Scotland and your local area.

Over 60s eligibility

To be eligible for the NEC, you must be:

  • over 60 years old
  • a resident of Scotland

Disabled people eligibility

To be eligible for the NEC, you must:

How to apply

Please note that we won't be able to process applications made more than 2 weeks before the 60th birthday.

To apply, please complete and return the National Entitlement Card application form (pdf 166KB). You can also contact the NEC team for a copy or collect it from one of our offices accepting applications once they re-open.

Once you have completed the application please return it to alongside supporting documents, this also includes proof of disability if you have a disability. 

Over 60s application forms should be returned to one of the open service points. If you cannot reach a service point the form needs to be emailed to or posted to NEC Office along with passport quality photo and ID evidence to prove photo, date of birth and home address.

National Entitlement Card Office
Maconochie Road
AB43 8TH 

If your application is urgent, we recommend that you return it to a council office.

Supporting documentation

If you are over 60 or have a disability, when applying for an National Entitlement Card, you also need to provide: 

  • a recent photograph of passport quality and standard
  • proof of person (official document with a photo such as passport, driving licence, etc.)
  • proof of residence (utility bill, council tax bill, TV licence, bank statement, etc.) 

For more information on acceptable proofs visit the proofs page on the NEC website

Additional supporting documentation for disabled people

If you have a disability you will also need to provide additional supporting documentation as proof of your disability.

The documentation you will need to provide depends on the type of disability that you have. View the detailed list of documents corresponding to each disabled persons eligibility criteria.  

For any questions about the National Entitlement Card please contact the NEC team.

Offices accepting applications

Due to COVID-19 some of our service points and area offices remain closed. View opening times and service details for our offices.

The following council offices accept and validate both disabled persons and over 60s applications:

The 60+ application form, available for download above, will not be accepted at post offices. If you need to validate a 60+ form at a post office, please visit the post office to get the blue application form for validation there. Our open service points will validate both blue and white forms.


For replacement cards please phone 03456 081208 or email providing your name, date of birth, address details and reason for replacement.

If you have any specific queries regarding the application process, or would like to know what other services can be added to your card please contact:

Telephone: 03456 081208
Or send queries in writing to:
Access Aberdeenshire