Footpaths maintenance

We are responsible for over 1,300 kilometers of footpaths (sometimes called pavements). To maintain footpaths in a safe condition and free from trip hazards, we carry out regular inspections.

It is likely that defects will occur between our inspections and members of the public play an important role in reporting new defects to us.

Please keep your footpaths in a safe condition by not parking any vehicle on a footway.

Parking on footpaths can:

  • Force pedestrians, wheelchair or pushchairs users onto the road where they are at risk of collision with vehicles
  • Cause problems for people with visual impairments or mobility difficulties
  • Cause difficulties outside schools with children trying to see oncoming vehicles
  • Cause damage which adds to maintenance costs

What can happen:

  • Driving along the footpaths is an offence for which you can be fined
  • Parking on a footpath can cause an obstruction, which is an offence
  • You can be charged for the costs of repairing damage to footpaths and any services, pipes or cables that result from your driving or parking on a footpath

Dropped kerbs

Dropped kerbs are provided at driveways to allow vehicles to safely cross the footpath. If you require drop kerbs at an access or driveway you must get permission from us.

It is an offence to carry out works to a footpath without the prior authorisation from us.