Driveway Access

Keep clear markings, in the form of a white "elongated H", can be laid on the road across the width of the adjacent driveway/vehicular access. Anyone who requests this type of road marking should apply to the relevant Local Roads Office using the application form below:

The following points should however, be noted:

  • Current charge for the keep clear marking, the applicant will be responsible for this payment along with all future maintenance costs including replacing after any roadworks (disabled badge holders are exempt from payment and should apply using the Disabled Parking Application Form)
  • An Aberdeenshire council approved contractor must carry out the maintenance
  • The marking has no legal standing and is not enforceable. The Chief Constable can only take action if an actual obstruction takes place, i.e. someone is actually requiring in and out of the access at that time whereas parking on the marking is not an offence on its own
  • The marking may act as a deterrent but the applicant should be aware of its limited effectiveness as this may not necessarily solve the problem

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