Roadworks - closures and restrictions

Activities such as roadworks, temporary traffic lights and road closures can lead to delays and affect your journey times. To minimise any travel delays our Roads team controls all activities on the public road network.

We are not responsible for maintaining trunk roads (A90, A96 and the A92 from Stonehaven Junction to Charleston Junction). You can view closures and restrictions on A90 and A96 on Traffic Scotland website.

You can sign up to receive email alerts about roadworks.

The most common forms of restrictions are temporary road closures and speed limits, and they are usually required for roadworks. Other temporary restrictions can include weight limit, prohibition of waiting or one way. We identify alternative traffic routes and diversions where possible.

View road closures and restrictions

Alternatively, you can view closures and restrictions on Roadworks Scotland website. Under filter tools you can choose to zoom to Aberdeenshire area.

Apply for a temporary restriction

To apply for a temporary road closure or restriction, complete restriction of traffic application form (pdf 97KB) and send your submission to the relevant local Roads officeView temporary restriction of traffic privacy notice (pdf 949KB).

Please note that if you are granted a temporary road closure, you will still need to obtain any required permits (for example road opening permit).