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Primary school meals

Our School Catering Service provides good value meals at our primaries using carefully sourced quality ingredients. There is always a wide selection of options available from the menu.

Online payment for school meals

The current price of a school meal is £2.50. You can pay online for primary school meals. Find out more about school payments and how to add funds to your account online.

Please ensure there are always sufficient funds on your child’s account prior to sending them for school meals. There is a formal debt recovery process for accounts that fall into debt.

Cash handling

Due to current coronavirus guidelines we require your support to restrict the handling of cash in schools to reduce the transmission of coronavirus. Please can we ask all parents to register prior to the start of term to make online payments.

Primary school menu

View primary school menus (pdf 182KB) for the period 26th October 2020 to 1st April, 2021.

Our menus have been translated into 5 different languages for families who have English as a second language:

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Our school meals service aspires and works to achieve the Soil Association Food for Life goals. We are proud holders of the Food for Life Bronze award and continually strive to provide a service of excellent quality in line with national standards and guidelines such as the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008.


The benefits of having a school lunch:

  • Food prepared daily by trained catering staff, many of whom are parents
  • Choice of three main courses each day
  • A range of sandwiches as an easy alternative to a home packed lunch
  • A delicious and varied menu offering great value
  • A complete school meal provides 1/3 of a child’s daily nutritional needs

We support a healthier diet with:

  • A minimum of two portions of fruit and vegetables
  • Reduced fat, saturated fat and salt content
  • Limited sugar and sugar-based items on the menu
  • Inclusion of oily fish

In addition to the main course we offer:

  • At least one vegetarian option
  • A selection of bread
  • Salads, carbohydrates and vegetables
  • A dessert choice or fresh fruit
  • Freshly made soup three times a week

We use:

  • Free range eggs
  • Fresh meat that is Red Tractor or QMS (Quality Meat Scotland) assured
  • Responsibly sourced fish landed at Peterhead
  • Locally sourced ingredients wherever possible – see our video about sourcing local produce to find out more

Special diets

Schools should be advised of any food allergies or medically prescribed dietary support during the school induction process or when a condition is identified. Find out more about special diets.


We are committed to providing the best service possible and invite comments and suggestions. You can email us at