Support for carers

A carer is generally defined as a person, of any age, who provides unpaid help and support to a relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage to live independently without the carer's help.

Our information leaflet Are You Looking After Someone? aims to:

  • help you identify if you are a carer
  • direct you to the available local support
  • help you decide if you'd like a carers assessment

Are you looking after someone? information leaflet (pdf 335KB)

By completing the checklist in the leaflet you'll be able to work out if you're providing substantial and regular care. If so, whether you should do a carers assessment. 

Carers assessment

The carers assessment is a way to record clearly information on a carer's responsibilities and how a caring role impacts on a carers' health and well-being. The local Carers Centre can help a carer complete an assessment, identify where help maybe needed, and then draw up a plan to support the carer. 

Community care assessment

The person you care for may also be entitled to a community care assessment. The assessment will help identify what community care services they need.

If the person you care for refuses a community care assessment or services for themselves you can still have a carers assessment.

Unpaid carers information pack

Our unpaid carers information pack (pdf 593kb) is for adult and young (under the age of 18) unpaid carers who care for someone who may not be able to care for themselves. It contains information that you told us you'd find useful to have in one place.

If you'd like to give feedback, make any comments, queries or suggestions about the pack or about the future of unpaid carer support in Aberdeenshire, email us


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