Banff Day Opportunities

Banff Day Opportunities is a community based day service supporting adults with disabilities (learning difficulties, mental health problem or physical impairments) living in Banff, Macduff, Turriff and the surrounding area. The service provides work, learning and social education opportunities in the local community.

Services are provided based on an assessment of your needs. We encourage integration into the wider community by accessing local facilities. We can provide training and support to people to help them become work ready and for further referral to employment services.

More intensive support can be provided for those who need it. Support Workers can help you with specific opportunities, such as swimming, employment and further education. Support Workers can also help you to join in group activities.

Our multi-sensory room can be tailored to individual needs. The room provides a safe multimedia environment where lighting, atmosphere, sounds and textures can be adapted to provide a stimulating or calming environment.

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A referral is a request for an assessment of a person's needs. Your Social Worker assesses if you are eligible for our day service.

Once referred, you will get a timetable personal to you. The timetable is agreed at a planning meeting. This meeting is arranged after you have tried some of the day service opportunities, so you can make informed choices about what you want to do. It is held at least annually.

A Keyworker is allocated to you. A Keyworker is a named contact person in the service. They are responsible for making sure you get the service and support you need. The Keyworker liaises with other professionals, carers and service staff on your behalf.

Lunch and refreshments

Banff Day Opportunities offer a sandwich and soup meal at lunchtime. Our sandwiches and soups are varied and nutritious. There is a choice of soup, salads and fruit, desserts and yoghurts. Special dietary needs can be catered for.

Packed lunches may be provided for people who are going out for the day, at a cost.


Banff Day Opportunities uses volunteers. Their skills and interests add variety and support for the people using the service who share the same interests. A volunteer may work with an individual or a group. Skills are matched to the needs of people using the service.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Contact us

If you want to find out more about our day service, skills development and training projects or want to volunteer please get in touch. You can also request a copy of our service specification.

You and your carer can also visit the day service. Please call us to arrange it.

Banff Day Opportunities
Colleonard Road
AB45 1DZ
Telephone: 01261 455823