Shared Lives placement

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The possibilities are endless with the Shared Lives Scheme. Each person decides what they want to achieve on their placement. We match them with someone who shares the same interests and can support them to success - a Shared Lives Carer.

Shared Lives Carers share their homes and lives with you. The support is based in and around the Carer’s home and community. Placements can range from a few hours during the day or evening, during the week or weekends, to a short overnight break. 

A Shared Lives placement is tailored to your needs and helps:

  • you to live independently
  • to maintain and enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well being
  • protect you from harm

This 1-minute video gives you some more information on what Shared Lives has to offer from the viewpoint of a Shared Lives Carer and someone who uses the Scheme.

How to get a placement

If you would like to know more about Shared Lives placements please contact us or speak to your Social worker or Care Manager.

You will be individually assessed to find out what level of support you need.  Your needs, likes and interests are identified so we can carefully match you with a Shared Lives Carer.

For example you:

  • may enjoy a stay in the country where it is peaceful and like to help with animals
  • have a part time job, so your placement needs to be close enough to support this
  • would like a holiday with a Shared Lives Carer who will have time to make you feel special


You pay a contribution towards your living expenses for using the Shared Lives Scheme.