Occupational Therapy

Adaptations to your home

Adaptations are changes to your home to make it easier and safer to manage everyday tasks. These can be minor or major changes.

If you are starting to have difficulties at home, there are changes you can make yourself. Use our self-help guides for top tips on making changes to your home, such upgrading your bathroom.

Minor or simple adaptations

An installation of this type of adaptation requires minimal disruption to the structure of your home. They are readily available off-the-shelf solutions, such as:

  • grab rails beside the toilet, bath or elsewhere
  • additional banister rails
  • rails at the steps to your main door

Request a minor adaptation

You can ask for some minor adaptations without an occupational therapy assessment.

You can request these if you are:

  • having difficulty because of a long-term illness or disability
  • a permanent Aberdeenshire resident living in your own home or rented accommodation

There is no charge for the service.

Request a minor adaptation

Alternatively you can print and complete a paper minor adaptations application form (PDF 248KB).

You can also request a form by contacting us on 03456 08 12 06.

What happens next

We will process your request and arrange for the adaptation to be supplied and fitted. We may contact you for more information.

Adaptations need permission from the property owner. If you are a council tenant we will pass your request to Housing.

Major or complex adaptations

An installation of this type of adaptation impacts on one or more aspects of the home environment. It may involve structural changes or reconfiguration of the space through standard building alterations or installation techniques. You may need planning permission, a building warrant or both. Some examples are:

  • shower installations
  • permanent ramps
  • step alterations

A major adaptation is only recommended if it is the best way to support you.

How the adaptation is arranged and funded varies. It depends on who owns your home and the type of alteration needed. There may be a cost to you. Our Occupational Therapy Service will be able to advise and assist.