Request a bulky waste uplift

We operate a chargeable bulky uplift (sometimes known as special uplift) service for residents for large items that don’t fit into wheeled bins.

A bulky item collection is not offered for items where the use of a skip is better suited for disposal of the waste (for example soil and rubble).

This service is not available for businesses.

Before you book an uplift of bulky waste items there are things you need to know:

Alternative ways to dispose of your items

Check if your items are suitable for recycling. Items can be taken to your local recycling centre free of charge. Some of our centres have re-use areas for good quality items.

If you have items such as furniture, working electrical items and clothing that are in good condition you can donate them. Visit the Re-use Tool website and put in your postcode and it will give you contact details of local charities.

Items we can and cannot accept

Yes please
(part of 4/8 items)
Yes please
(individually priced items)
No thanks
Bed base
Bed mattress
Household white goods
Exercise bike
Small and large electrical items
Internal/External door
Sky dish
Small carpet (up to 12' by 12')
Bathroom suite
Carpet (over 12' by 12')
Freezer - American style
Garage door
Greenhouse (if it is over 6' by 8' will require an assessment visit)

Kitchen Units
Patio doors
Shed (if it is over 6' by 8' will require an assessment visit)
Items which can be recycled through the blue-lidded recycling bin
Bags or boxes of non-recyclable waste
Bags of garden waste
Gas bottles (please contact supplier as detailed on bottle)
Fluorescent tubes
Paint tins (empty or full)
Car batteries
Fire damaged items
Oil tanks
Metal baths
Commercial fridge and freezers
Range Cooker

Please note we may need to arrange a visit to your home to assess the access and number of staff needed to remove your items.

Uplift charges for bulky items

Costs for bulky uplifts depend on the items being uplifted. No discount is given for an uplift of more than 8 items.

Charge (not subject to VAT)
Discounted charges 
Bulky uplift of up to 4 household items (for example sofas, chairs, cookers etc) £32.70 £13.08
Bulky uplift of up to 8 household items £65.39 £26.16
Bulky uplift of individual items (priced per item) £42  

To qualify for a discount, you need to be in receipt of either Council Tax or Housing Benefit. You will need to provide your benefit number to claim discounted price.

How to request an uplift

Please note we can't arrange uplifts on Good Friday, May Day or during Christmas.

In some cases we'll need to arrange a visit to assess the items before we can schedule a date.

Please fill out our online form below to request an uplift.

Request a bulky waste uplift

Preparing for an uplift

Your items should be left at the end of driveway/front of house for uplift by 7am on your booked day.

We are unable to assist with preparation of your items for the uplift.  You need to tell us the exact location of the items. We will not collect items from inside houses or outbuildings. Please remember only items you have told us about will be picked up.

For safety reasons, the seal around the door of a fridge and freezer should be removed, and the door tied or taped shut. Please also ensure all food is removed first.

How to cancel an uplift booking

If you need to cancel your uplift, please call our Wasteline on 03456 081207 by 1pm on the Friday before the uplift date so we can refund the cost. If you inform us after this time then no refund will be paid.