Household bin collections

We operate a weekly kerbside collection service across households. View the food waste and recycling service leaflet (PDF 770KB) for additional information.

What and when we collect

We are rolling out changes to waste and recycling services. This means that collection frequency and types of bins differ across Aberdeenshire as some households have already been:

  • moved to a 3-weekly collection cycle
  • given an orange-lidded bin

View collection details for the 3-weekly cycle and orange-lidded bin

2-weekly collections

If you are still on a 2-weekly collection cycle, your collection day for refuse and recycling is on the same day on alternate weeks:

  • Recycling week 1 - blue-lidded bin
  • Refuse week 2 - black bin
  • Food caddy and battery bags collected weekly

If you have the myAberdeenshire app, you can get reminders when your bins are due for collection.

Check your bin days

2-weekly collection change updates

Oldmeldrum and some surrounding areas will transition from being serviced by the Inverurie depot to being serviced by the Ellon depot. This is to improve route effectiveness and carbon reduction. To allow this to happen, temporary collections have been put in place that will last until April 2024, when the town fully transitions to the new depot. Letters have gone out to households in Oldmeldrum and the surrounding areas showing the new days for their collections.

What to put in each bin

If you don't have an orange-lidded bin yet, here is what you can put in each waste container:  

  • blue-lidded recycling bin: paper, card and cardboard, metal tins, cans, aerosols and foil,  food and drink cartons, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • black refuse bin: non-recyclable waste only
  • food caddy: tea bags and coffee grounds, out-of-date food including meat and fish, plate scrapings and leftovers, meal preparation waste, compostable food packaging, compostable coffee cups, compostable cutlery

We don't collect:

A to Z of waste and recyclable items

Missed collections

Check if there are any disruptions to bin collections before reporting a missed bin.

If you put your rubbish out correctly and we still didn't empty your bins, please report a missed bin collection.