Re-use schemes

It is still common to put good usable items in the refuse bin, or to use bulky waste collections to get rid of bigger items, rather than donating them so somebody else can make use of them.

If you have any unwanted items, large or small, which are in a good or easily repairable condition, these local charities will accept them:

They will collect your unwanted items from your home for free or you can take them to their shops. They will sell the items to raise funds or use them directly in their charitable activities.

You can also take your unwanted items to the re-use area at these recycling centres:

Re-use Tool

The Re-use Tool aims to make it easier for people across many parts of Scotland to donate quality, unwanted goods (like furniture, working electrical items, and clothing) for re-use by others. Visit the Re-use Tool website and put in your postcode and it will give you contact details of local charities including Stella's Voice.