New to adoption

Enduring post adoption support

Children joining an adoptive family require to be parented in a way that builds their attachments and allows them to feel safe and secure throughout childhood. Our staff are able to support you with adoptive parenting through our extensive knowledge and experience of how a high structure and high nurture approach can benefit your whole family.

No time limit

There is no time limit to the support we can offer children, young people and families affected by adoption – we can support people for weeks, months and years - basically when you need us to support you – we are always here to support and advise.

Retaining our records

We securely retain records for both adoptive parents and adopted children for 100 years, so we can always quickly access records to help us in supporting anyone affected by adoption by knowing your story.

Network groups and get togethers

We run network groups throughout the year offering families the opportunity to connect and build relationships with like-minded parents.

We work with Aberdeenshire’s Outdoors Rangers Services to offer local Family Days during the school holidays for all our adoptive families. These days are well attended and enjoyed by both the children and their parents.

We can offer Parents and Children’s Get Togethers, supported by our adoption workers, where parents can get to know one another and children can connect with other adopted children whilst enjoyed shared activities.

Learning and development opportunities

We offer face to face learning and development opportunities delivered by staff within the Adoption Team and professionals from outside organisations.

E learning and on-line learning opportunities are available, with more in development, so that families are given the opportunity to continue their learning from the comfort of their own home or in more local venues.

We have an extensive adoption library of adults and children’s books that can be borrowed or recommended.

Dedicated and experienced team

Dedicated and experienced social workers and family support workers who can respond quickly when you need us to through our Adoption duty line, Adoption email address or Facebook Messenger.

The team has extensive knowledge regarding life story work and supporting dual identity and are able to offer group or 1:1 sessions to support families. As your child grows their needs will change and we will be there to support you through this journey.

Aberdeenshire Council has dedicated Letter Box Scheme support by staff who are able to offer support and guidance to all parties involved throughout the ‘lifetime’ of the agreement.

We remain open and keen to develop services that adoptive families tell us they would like so that what we offer reflects what you need.

Adoption allowance scheme

Adoptive parents are normally expected to meet the ordinary costs associated with bringing up a child or children. However, adoption allowances may be paid when:

  • certain criteria are met
  • unusual costs are, or are likely to be, experienced in meeting the adopted child’s needs

The allowance is means tested. A financial assessment is done to establish eligibility.

If you'd like more information on adoption allowances please contact us.

Post adoption letterbox scheme

The letterbox scheme has been set up for birth relatives and adoptive parents to exchange information for adopted children, to enhance the child’s experience in terms of their dual identity and for important information to be shared. This is known as “letterbox contact”.

Our Post adoption letterbox scheme leaflet (PDF 62KB) explains more about the scheme and what support is available.


Are you ready to start your adoption journey?

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