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Aberdeenshire’s Adoption Service

Aberdeenshire Council is a Care Inspectorate registered Adoption Agency as well as providing services and support directly to vulnerable children in a range of ways. We have on average around 165 children of all ages in our corporate care with foster families each year.

On average, around 14 of the youngest of these vulnerable children each year need adoptive families and so we endeavour to recruit and prepare families living in the North East for Aberdeenshire’s children in need of adoption.

To achieve that we offer a full ‘In-House’ Permanence Planning service for our children so that wherever possible our children can move to live with adoptive families we are confident that we have recruited, prepared and have a good working relationship with. This ensures consistency and familiarity in processes and procedures for our children and limits the need for us to look to other agencies for adoptive families.

The average age of the children placed for adoption in the past two years was 22 months; with ages ranging from newborns to 5-year-olds. From time to time we need families for slightly older children, up to the age of 7, who are equally in need of adoptive families, as well as sibling groups who can grow up together in an adoptive family.

We offer Concurrency Planning for children under the age of 2, which is a very early planning process where children are fostered with families who may go on to adopt them, minimising the trauma of losing primary carers in their very early, formative months and years.

Support to our adoptive families is also provided from Aberdeenshire’s Adoption Service both pre- and post-adoption.

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