Aberdeenshire Charities Trust funding process

When your Aberdeenshire Charities Trust funding application is received it will be acknowledged in writing. We will check the information is accurate and make sure the reason for funding meets one of the purposes set out in trust.

Valid applications will be presented to the trustees at the next meeting of the trust.

We aim to validate applications within 2 weeks of receiving them and provide you with a decision on there validity within 8 weeks. Our trustees will consult with legal and financial advisors before making a final decision.

Meeting of the trust

Valid applications are presented to the trustees at a meeting of the trust. You will be invited to attend the trust meeting. The meeting is not open to members of the public.

If you have requested an opportunity to speak about the application in the meeting you will be given five minutes to do so, or longer if offered by the chair. Some time will be provided to allow the trustees to ask any questions they may have.

Where you have chosen not to speak, the chair will allocate time for the trustees to ask any relevant questions that relate to the application.

Once all questions regarding the application have been answered, the trustees will discuss the application. A decision will then be made to:

  • Approve the application and provide funding the applicant
  • Reject the application
  • Request further action (if this is required)

We will write to you within ten working days providing a formal statement of the outcome of the hearing. 

The trust's decision is final and cannot be appealed.