War-wounded support funding

ACT2 (Aberdeenshire Charities Trust) administers charitable funds in Aberdeenshire and is a registered charity (SC045539).  

The trust has designated funds available to for whole of Aberdeenshire that can be used specifically for war-wounded personnel.

View information about charitable trust funds for war-wounded personnel:


Individuals that live in Aberdeenshire area or who can demonstrate that they have a reasonable connection to the area can apply. 

In addition, companies, associations and other organisations who provide services, projects or facilities in the areas may apply for grants. 

Applications can only be considered if they meet the purposes detailed in the trust.

Available funds

Funds can be used for the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage and the prevention or relief of poverty (specifically designated for war-wounded service personnel).

How to apply

You can apply for funding by completing the appropriate application form, available in two formats:

Send completed applications to your local area office.

What happens next

The Aberdeenshire Charities Trust will review your funding application. Find out about how we deal with your application.