Housing improvement

Housing Improvement Programme

Improvement works are upgrades we do to your home as part of our 4-year Housing Improvement Programme (HIP). Year 4 of the programme will start in stages throughout 2022, as each of the 4 HIP contractors finishes year 3 works at different times. 

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing delays to some works because of global supply chain issues.

The HIP is part of our 30-year business plan which allows us to plan for improving our council houses and flats. This planning helps us to meet statutory requirements such as the Social Housing Net Zero Standard.

We have to do these works to meet our obligations to you, about the quality and safety of your home, and to meet those standards set by the Scottish Government. Please play your part and accept the improvements we need to do and make the HIP a success.

HIP contractors

There are 4 contractors operating in 4 different areas:

Types of improvement work

The main types of improvement works included in the HIP are upgrades to:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • heating systems
  • doors
  • windows
  • wall insulation (cavity and external)
  • rewiring
  • re-roofing
  • dormer window
  • communal door entry
  • solar photovoltaic (PV) roof panels 

We can also carry out Internal Wall Insulation to those homes that need it, but only when they are unoccupied during a void period.

Tenant Guide to all upgrades

Our Tenant Guide: All upgrade works (PDF 4MB) provides you with information about the different types of upgrades and what will happen during the works.

Tenant satisfaction survey

Every month several tenants, who have works carried through the HIP, are randomly selected and asked to complete a phone survey by consultants IBP: Strategy and Research. 

April 2022 to March 2024 results

2,006 tenants completed the survey. 89% of tenants rated their experience of having improvements carried out in their homes as good or very good. Only 7% rated their experience as poor or very poor.

The four HIP contractors received the following rating of good or very good:

  • Everwarm (north area) - 98%
  • Keir (east area) - 91%
  • MPS (central area) - 95%
  • Bancon (south area) - 93%

99% of tenants rated the information from the council as good or very good. The tenant guide scored 100% for both useful information, design and layout and clarity of information.

5% of tenants complained to their contractor: 60% of them were dissatisfied with the response and 26% were satisfied.