Repair categories and timescales

When you request a repair it is given a priority rating. The rating is based on the nature of the work required. These priorities determine the urgency of the work and the related timescale for completion.

Our repair categories and timescales are:

Callout Attend within 2 hrs complete within 24 hrs
Emergency repair Attend and complete within 24 hrs
Routine repair Complete within 20 working days
Planned repair Complete within 40 working days

In circumstances where a tenant is vulnerable, it may be necessary to schedule the repair faster than normal.

We can make arrangements for this if the fault has a negative effect on the tenant’s condition. We can also offer extra assistance, for example, with moving bulky items to provide access for repairs.

Callout and emergency repairs

Callout and emergency repairs include something that needs to be fixed quickly because it is a danger to health and safety or potential for serious damage to the property.

We will attend to make the area of your home safe. We will organise a visit to your home again if other repairs are needed. Your repair is likely an emergency if it relates to:

  • Loss of heating or hot water
  • Suspected gas leak at your home
  • Blocked toilet where there is no other toilet in the property
  • Blocked bath, sink or drain
  • Faulty shower if no bath
  • Loss of power or lights (phone 105 first to check there is no power cut in the area)
  • Insecure external window or door
  • Significant leaks or flooding from water you cannot stop or contain
  • Faulty smoke alarms or CO2 detectors
  • Dangerous slabbed path, step or damaged drain cover which pose a health and safety risk

Routine repairs

Routine repairs include other repairs that are not listed in the examples above. These are repairs for faults which do not cause serious danger or inconvenience to the occupants of the property or the public.

Planned repairs

Planned repairs are allocated for a planned programme of work. You will be notified when this is required for your home.