Street trader licence

A street trader licence is needed by any person who carries on street trading, to any person in a public place in or from a vehicle, kiosk or moveable stall, whether on their own account or as an employee. We may impose conditions on the licence.


You will not require a street trader licence for:

  • The sale of newspapers only
  • The sale of milk by or on behalf of a person registered under the Food Safety Act 1990
  • The sale of coal or fuel derived from coal or coke
  • Any activity for which a certificate under the Pedlar's Act 1871 has been granted
  • Any activity for which a licence is required under other provisions of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982
  • Organising or participating in a public charitable collection, which has been granted permission under Section 119 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

Before you apply

There are two types of application. One is for anyone who is operating as a street trader on their own account. The other is for anyone who will be assisting or employed by someone else. In both cases a street trader’s licence is required.

If you are a street trader operating under your own account, you must obtain the prior, written consent of the owner of the land or property from which you intend to trade prior to applying for a licence.

If you intend to locate your business on any part of the public road network (which includes lay-bys) you must obtain prior written consent from the relevant roads authority. If you intend to operate on or from a trunk road, you may require to obtain consent from the Scottish Government before trading. In the case of all other public roads in Aberdeenshire you will have to obtain consent from the Council as roads authority. In both cases you will need to obtain prior consent and submit it along with your application.

If your proposed activity involves a food business and the use of a vehicle, kiosk or moveable stall, we cannot grant your application unless you produce with your application a certificate of compliance, certifying that the vehicle, kiosk or moveable stall complies with any relevant Regulations under the Food Safety legislation. To qualify for the certificate of compliance, your mobile premises must meet the Mobile Traders Food Hygiene National Standards (pdf 409KB). Contact our Food Safety team for more information.

You may also require consent under Planning legislation.


Whether you are a street trader operating under your own account or a street trader employee or assistant you must comply with the same conditions. 

You must be a fit and proper person and not be disqualified from holding a licence.

The vehicle you use for the purpose of street trading must be suitable for that purpose.

You must not have had an application refused for the same licence within the 12 months prior to making your application, unless you have had a material change in circumstances.

Telling us about any changes

You must notify us in writing of any changes to the details of the Licence. This information should be submitted, in writing, within one month of the changes taking place.

If the need for the licence becomes redundant, you should surrender the licence to us as soon as possible.

Application fee

An application fee is payable. The fee is the same whether you are a street trader operating under your own account or a street trader employee or assistant.

The fee is currently £160 for a mobile trader and £160 plus advertising costs if trading from a fixed location.

Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to ‘Aberdeenshire Council’.

The fee must be paid at the same time the application for the licence is lodged with us. The application will not be considered competent until the fee is paid.

How to apply

You can apply for street trader licence to be granted or renewed in paper or online. View our identity checks for applicants guidance note (pdf 138KB).

Your completed application form needs to be accompanied by additional supporting documents and a cheque or postal order for the appropriate fee.

Apply in paper

If you are applying to operate on your own account in paper, complete the street trader application form (pdf 89.6KB).

If you are applying as an employee or assistant in paper, complete the street trader employee application form (pdf 74.6KB).

Please send your competed form to:

Aberdeenshire Council
Legal and Governance
Arduthie Road
AB39 2DQ

Apply online

Please ensure that you indicate whether you are applying to operate on your own account or if you are applying as an employee or assistant. You can do this by using the 'additional details' box in section 10 of the online form.

Alternatively, you can apply for a street traders licence online on GOV.UK website however additional information may be requested if you do so.

Supporting documents

You will need to supply additional documents with your application:

  • written confirmation from land owner, roads authority or Scottish executive 
  • certificate of compliance (contact our Food Safety team if you don't have one)
  • two recently taken passport photographs in colour (this is for identity badge if licence is granted)

If you are applying as an employee or assistant, you only need to provide the passport photographs.

Application process

If trading from a fixed location, the applicant will be supplied with an advert which they must arrange to have advertised in a local newspaper covering the area where they propose to trade, at their own cost. The advert will provide details of the applicant, the location it is proposed to trade from and will advise how and where objections or representations can be made to us.

Failure to provide the necessary information and documentation, or the application fee, will result in the inability to further process the application.

You are not permitted to operate as a street trader until such time as a street trader licence has been issued to you.

We will send a copy of your application to the Police, the Firemaster, Planning Services, Building Standards and Environmental Health (our consultees) for comment.

In the absence of objections or adverse representations, your licence will be issued to you under delegated authority.

Where objections or adverse representations are made, your application will be referred to the appropriate Committee of Aberdeenshire Council for consideration.

If your application is successful you will be provided with an identity badge together with your licence which you must wear at all times you are working as a street trader.

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