Building warrant - Fast Assessment service

Before applying for a Fast Assessment (FASE), discussions must be held with a Building Standards Surveyor. Please contact us to be directed to the surveyor for your area.

We offer a Fast Assessment service for domestic work with an estimated cost of less than £10,000 such as:

  • Erection of garden walls or fence to a dwelling house
  • Provision of patio or French doors to a dwelling house
  • Installation of large roof lights
  • Minor alterations to the layout of a dwelling house

Additional information

Please read the following information before applying:

  • The fee will be advised on the first technical observation letter issued by surveyor - this requires to be paid before approval can be issued
  • The FASE must not contain engineer calculations but where appropriate have a certificate of design (SER) with all corresponding drawings and details attached
  • We aim to make decisions within 5 days receipt of a valid FASE application
  • A FASE may not be lodged should works have commenced on site - in this case, an application for a Late Building Warrant (Form A) or Late Completion (Form 6) should be completed instead

Apply for Fast Assessment

A FASE application is submitted online using our form where you can upload associated drawings. The FASE should include a full set of working drawings and any relevant supporting evidence or documentation as would be submitted with a building warrant application. This will allow the Building Standards Surveyor to carry out a detailed assessment. View the general Building Warrant step guide for further information.

The Building Standards Surveyor will assess your proposals for compliance with the Technical Standards at the point of submission of the FASE. They will officially reply within 5 working days from submission if any further details or information is required.

Taking into account any issues raised by the surveyor you might have to resubmit your drawings for final assessment prior to building warrant approval. Any revised information should be submitted through the eBuilding Standards portal using the Additional Supporting Documentation form quoting the local authority reference, or emailed to

Your warrant approval will be issued within 5 working days of all information being compliant and the relevant fee being received.

Apply for Fast Assessment

After approval

Once you have your approval please refer to our step-by-step guidance for building work: