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Building Warrant - Fast Assessment service

We offer a Fast Assessment service for building warrant applications for domestic work with an estimated cost of less than £10,000 such as:

  • erection of garden walls or fence to a dwelling house
  • provision of patio or french doors to a dwelling house
  • installation of roof lights to an attic store
  • minor alterations to the layout of a dwelling house where that work requires building warrant approval

Please note, if works have started or are completed then we can't assess your application in this format. You will need to apply for late building warrant or late completion.

It is at the discretion of the Building Standards Surveyor as to whether the work is eligible under this service.

The service will allow certain specified works to be instantly assessed for compliance with the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and associated Technical Handbooks. This will allow us to approve your application quickly and allow work to start on site.

Apply for Fast Assessment Service Enquiry (FASE)

Before you apply make sure the proposal is eligible for a fast assessment. If you have any doubts or need more help please contact relevant Building Standards office to arrange a meeting or speak to a Building Standards Surveyor.

Apply for Fast Assessment

You will need to submit a FASE application. The FASE should include a full set of working drawings and any relevant supporting evidence or documentation as would be submitted with a building warrant application. This will allow the Building Standards Surveyor to carry out a detailed assessment.

The Building Standards Surveyor will assess your proposals for compliance with the Technical Standards at the point of submission of the FASE. They will officially reply within 5 working days from submission if any further details or information is required.

Taking into account any issues raised by the surveyor you might have to resubmit your drawings for final assessment prior to building warrant approval. Your warrant approval will be issued within 5 working days once all the information has been received and is compliant. Prior to issuing the warrant approval we will request that you submit the relevant building warrant fee to complete the process.

After approval

Once you have your approval please refer to our step by step guidance:

The building warrant approval will be valid for 3 years. The guidance notes accompanying the building warrant approval should be read to ensure that you follow the proper procedures during construction.

You should inform us when works do commence and any other relevant stage as outlined within the Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP).

When the works are completed you should submit the completion certificate to us and we will arrange to inspect the works.