Building warrant forms

There are different building warrant forms that you may need to complete at the different stages of your project. 

Submit online

You can submit all types of building standards applications online using the national eBuilding Standards portal where electronic forms are available for submission. The portal will also allow the submission of any additional documentation required to process an existing application such as revised drawings or any certificate relating to completion, the required form for these is 'additional supporting documents'.

If you are unsure which form you require, the eBuilding Standard portal has a forms wizard available to assist you. 

Find out more about the eBuilding Standards process.

Submit paper application

Alternatively, you can download an application form and send it to our correspondence address for processing.

Please use Scottish Government’s model forms to submit the following applications to us:

  • Form 5 - Completion certificate - submission
  • Form 6 - Submission for late certificate of completion
  • Form A - Application for building warrant
  • Form B - Application for amendment to building warrant
  • Form C - Application to extend period of validity of warrant
  • Form E - Application for temporary occupation or use
  • Form J - Notice regarding start of work
  • Form L - Notice of intention to use an approved certifier of construction
  • Form Q - Notice of finalisation of design details

You can use one of our own forms for:

For work carried out before 1st May 2005 without obtaining warrant approval you will need to apply for a  letter of comfort (PDF 54KB).

Application fees

Remember that you may need to submit a fee with your application.