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Check if you need a building warrant

A building warrant is generally required to erect, alter, extend, convert or demolish a building.

If you carry out work that requires a building warrant without first obtaining a warrant, you are committing an offence. You may be liable to a fine of up to £5,000. If you have inadvertently started before applying, you must declare this on the application form.

A building warrant is not required for some types of work to certain types of buildings.

Check online if you need a building warrant

Alternatively, you can fill in our check if you need a building warrant form (pdf 185KB) and send it to our correspondence address or contact us directly to discuss your proposal.   

View the building warrant privacy notice (pdf 323KB).

Building work without the necessary approval

If you have started work without building warrant approval (unauthorised works), you must stop all work and apply for a building warrant immediately. You need to state that it is a late application. This is a way of regularising the situation but it does not remove the fact that the work has been carried out against building legislation. As a result, we will add additional fees for late applications

If you have started and completed work without a building warrant, you must complete a submission for late certificate of completion form. You can do this online using the ebuilding standards portal or in paper by completing Form 6 - Submission for late certificate of completion and sending it to our correspondence address

For work carried out before 1st May 2005 without obtaining warrant approval or with warrant approval but without a certificate of completion, you will need to apply for a letter of comfort and pay an additional fee.