Check if you need planning permission

All developments require planning permission. However, you don't always need to apply for one. Check if you need to request one for the type of work that you are intending to carry out: 

If you have already done work without planning permission, please contact your local planning office

Household developments

You need a household planning permission for works to your house, such as building an extension, replacing windows, installing solar panels and changes within your garden.

Permitted developments

Some minor developments that have little impact on your neighbours, benefit from a general planning permission usually referred to as 'permitted development rights'. Find out more about guidance on householder permitted development rights and permitted development flowcharts on the Scottish Government website.

If your project is considered to be a permitted development, you don't need planning permission. To find out if this is the case, please complete our householder enquiry form (pdf 310KB) and send it to our correspondence address. We assess your enquiry based on the information that you submit, we don't do a site visit. Therefore, our response is an informal opinion only. 

If you need a formal decision or legal certification confirming that you don't need planning permission, please apply for a certificate of lawfulness.  

Local developments

Local developments are building projects that are bigger than alterations or extensions to a single existing house. They include:

  • building up to 50 houses
  • converting non-residential buildings
  • small to medium business and industrial developments 
  • smaller wind energy proposals (up to 20 megawatts)

To get advice on local developments, complete our pre-application form for local developments (pdf 460KB) and send it to our correspondence address.

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