Requesting copies of building warrant documents

We can provide copies of plans and documentation relating to building warrant application, decision or completion certificate for applications within the last 25 years. We don't hold documentation over 25 years old.

The public access register provides information on all building warrant applications received since 2005.

Who can request copies

There are restrictions within legislation that prevent copies of plans and documents being disclosed to anyone other than an interested party. An interested party means any owner, occupier, tenant or prospective owner, occupier or tenant. For buildings where copying could raise security concerns written consent from the owner will also be required.

Fee for service

We will charge a fee for researching the address, retrieving the file and collating the required information. All documentation will be provided electronically. The fee is currently:

  • no charge for the first 15 minutes
  • £60 per hour after the 15 minutes

Please note if a building warrant reference number is not provided the minimum fee is £60.

If a fee is applicable we will advise you of the required fee. Any fee can be paid over the phone by calling 01467 534333, and making payment via credit or debit card. Please note we no longer accept payment by cash or cheque.

Make a request

If you wish to request a copy of a building warrant, please complete the request for building warrant documents form (PDF 82KB) and send it to our correspondence address. Please provide as much information as possible, for example previous property names, original plot number, development name and date of build.

What happens after

Within 5 working days, we will identify the file and the availability of the documents requested and advise whether a fee is applicable.

If a fee is applicable, on receipt of payment we will process your request. This is normally within 5 working days. However in some cases it might take up to 15 days to produce the documents. It is dependent on the workload within the department at the time, the location of the file and number of documents to be copied.